Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering


  • Factors that influence application performance on shared-memory machines
  • Basics in application performance analysis
  • Approaches for application's performance improvements

Summer term 2018

The seminar focuses on meaningful benchmarking and basic performance analysis of an application. The High-Performance Conjugate Gradient (HPCG) code will be used as the target application. Insights that were found are collected and summarized in a paper, which is presented during the course.

Bonus: People who are interested are welcome to improve the application's performance and submit their results. We collect the submitted results to form a list that is presented within the course.

Seminar Materials

Slides for the seminar and additional material will be published through Moodle.

Course Details

Course Seminar
Rotation Annually, each summer term
Time Tuesday, 11:40 – 13:20
Location S1|22 Room 403
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Christian Bischof
Assistants Dr. Michael Burger, Jan-Patrick Lehr
Language German and English